I have many clients who have seen significant improvement in their lifestyles as a result of working with me. Additionally, I have seen significant weight loss with clients who are trying to achieve that goal. Balancing diet, cardio, resistance, balance, and flexibility yield tremendous results. I also teach Tai Chi and add elements of it into workouts to add to the client experience.


Here are a few brief messages from some of my satisfied clients:



I can't imagine there being anyone better than Rob.  He takes the time to develop exercise programs that are customized to one's individual needs.  Absolutely no "cookie cutter" approach!  Nerve damage to my lower right leg and foot had rendered them fairly useless. I have osteoporosis and on top of all of that, almost no flexibility.  Thanks to Rob's coaching and direction, I can balance myself on my right foot. For the first time in three years my dexa-scan results showed improvement in the left hip and no additional bone loss in the right hip.  I can even touch my toes!  I'm thrilled with the progress I've made. Rob is truly the best!



I am an 80-year old man who was diagnosed with Parkinson's seven years ago. I have been working with Rob since January 2014.

My strength, facility of movement, and flexibility have definitely improved, and I feel invigorated after every session.

Rob works to combat problems that I have such as getting up off the floor, in and out of chairs and cars and walking normally.  We work to avoid falls and improve my balance and strength.

He spends time to prepare each session with me.  I feel that he is a real student of muscles and joints of the human body.  He is personable, encouraging and pleasant.

My wife and I  are still able to enjoy domestic and foreign travel (not just limited to cruises), and a big factor is the work that I do with Rob.

His expertise extends far beyond helping Parkinson's patients, but I think he brings something extra to the table for them. While Parkinson's is not is curable, a good, focused exercise program can help a victim cope with the problems it presents and live a more active and enjoyable life.



Rob is an incredible trainer! I had never used one before and was very hesitant. I have recently had 2 children and was still carrying all of my baby weight. Rob helped me lose 20lbs, get toned and develop a good deal of muscle I had never had before. He made working out enjoyable! Our sessions were something I looked forward to every week. Rob is great to talk to and is very encouraging! He helped me far bypass my goals and really get into shape. He really helped strengthen my core and develop my balance! He always pushed me farther than I would go on my own at home, and helped me surpass the limits I had set for myself. He is a fabulous trainer and I would recommend him any day!



Rob is fabulous! Through his help, I was able to lose 70 pounds which was essential in avoiding neck surgery. He focuses on the core and takes the time to get to know his clients. I thoroughly enjoyed my training with him as it taught me new disciplines to achieve my ultimate goal. Rob focused on understanding the issues I was faced with and took the time to speak with my doctor to coordinate the best program for me. Although he challenges me, he pays attention to how I am responding to the current program and changes midstream if necessary.




Rob helped me lose 85 pounds in 5 months and stay healthy doing it. He helped me focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. He also helped me resolve some shoulder issues I had been dealing with. He is fun and positive to work with. And, while Rob pushes me I never feel compromised or beat up (but I always feel like I have been challenged)




Rob is a wonderful personal trainer! During our sessions, my health regime was tremendous! I was thankful to find someone like him who can help me focus on the areas that need improvement. Rob's focus on stretching, balance, and flexibility truly improved my mild cerebral palsy. I am able to walk better now. With all the hard work paid off, I continue my workouts he taught me and never looked back.




Rob is amazing! I cannot say enough positive things about him. Having never used a PT before, I was a bit skeptical and nervous, but Rob made every workout challenging and fun. He continually mixed up the workouts to push me to improve and keep me from getting bored. He also "fixed" me. I've always had a bad knee (and was looking at replacement down the line), but with Rob's focus on stretching, flexibility, strength and balance, I have seen major improvement (and so has my orthopedist!). Rob has the ability to look at a person and know what areas need to be focused on. And, he doesn't just work with us middle-agers, but can also push young hard-core athletes to excel (just ask my son). Finally, Rob is just a great person to be around. With him as my PT, I don't dread going to a workout, but look forward to working hard and feeling better after a session with him.



Having moved to NoVa in January 2014 and dealing with physical pain, limited mobility and extreme fatigue until early May, I knew it was time to make some positive changes myself to get back the strength, flexibility, balance and stability I had lost over my middle years.   Now, approaching age 70,(that's young for the women in my family) wanting to enjoy a life pain free and active, I knew I needed help.  

Fortunately, I saw Rob's ad in the Golden Gazette and knew I had to look into this.  I'm so glad I have.  For the last 3 months, seeing Rob weekly I soon saw major improvement in my mobility, positive outlook and confidence in my own body.

But that's not all.  I was secretly expecting "DISCIPLINE and PUNISHMENT", "NO PAIN, NO GAIN".  What I got was stretches, new understanding of my physical self, positive comments, compliments, laughter, joy and pleasure. and the surety that I was in good hands.

I am so grateful to have found Rob and his philosophy of successful aging.  I start water aerobics next week!!!!!!



Rob is far more than a personal trainer. He worked with me to regain strength and stamina after a period of illness. When we began, I was unable to lift 2lbs or walk more then 10 minutes. Rob created individualized and creative strategies to meet my specific needs and he educated and inspired me every step of the way. He also has a unique way of focusing, not only on session goals, but on creating life-sustaining processes for continued health. Rob brought patience, focus, and enthusiasm that supported me through a long journey. I am now able to Tango for two hours...it doesn't get better than that. Thank you Rob.



Rob is a fantastic personal trainer.   He manages his studio in a very professional and efficient manner.  Clients receive a personal assessment and Rob follows through with a specific plan to address individual needs and goals.  Workout sessions vary weekly.  They are always fun, but also challenging.  He pushes me to go beyond what I think I can accomplish because he knows I can respond in a positive way.  Rob always provides lots of positive reinforcement.   I always leave the workout sessions feeling terrific.  When I sustained an injury, Rob easily adjusted my workout routine to prevent any re-occurrence of pain.  Rob possesses great observational skills.  When he noticed I was beginning to show signs of fatigue, he stopped that exercise and I rested.  I always look forward to my weekly sessions with Rob. If you desire to pursue a personal fitness program or need individual rehabilitation for an injury, I highly recommend Rob.  He's the best !



I have been working with Rob for the past 2 years and the results have been truly amazing.  I am a fifty year old male and currently weigh less than I did in high school with greater definition.  Rob structures each workout to be challenging yet not over-taxing and it is carefully designed to achieve specific results.  Without Rob's mentoring and encouragement, I probably would have shelved the gym routine rather quickly.  It is a pleasure to work with him.



Rob is an outstanding trainer and person.  He gets the best out of you and you even enjoy it because of Rob's attitude and presentation.  Rob has worked with me for over a year and the real test is when my wife tells me that I'm looking good - great job Rob.  He can handle any level of physical fitness from the old to middle age and even the young studs.  Rob has worked with my son who is in excellent condition and has raised him to an even higher level.  Working out with Rob will definitely make you look and feel great and you will enjoy it.