I begin working with clients by conducting a comprehensive analysis of their baseline fitness.  The first session with each client includes a comprehensive interview where we discuss lifestyle, nutrition, exercise habits, and personal fitness goals.  We then conduct a postural assessment as well as a movement assessment.  Additionally we assess current health indicators.  Blood pressure, body fat percentage, blood oxygen, and waist to hip ratio are measured and recorded.  Depending on the needs of the client we may also assess strength, cardiorespiratory health, balance, and flexibility.

Program Design
Based on client goals and the results of the assessments I build a client training program. The training program will include cardio training, strength training, flexibility training, and balance training.  Exercises and stretches are chosen based on client needs as identified during the assessment process.

Program Execution
There are two different program execution patterns.  For most clients we schedule a series of training sessions.  Each session is one hour long and is conducted either in the client’s home or in the Catalyst Personal Fitness space.  We meet either one or two times per week.  During each session I demonstrate exercises for the client and monitor the execution of the exercises.  I ensure that the exercises are being conducted safely and with good form.  The second path is similar to the first with the exception being the frequency of sessions.  This path has one training session per month where I give the client a new program that they will execute over the course of the next month.